Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An accident or a mistake??

Often one reads about various road accidents that happen on the roads. Infact they have become so frequent that one hardly bothers to read the details unless it involves someone known to us. Yesterday one such accident took place and a 17 year old budding engineer of this country lost his life. The accident and its impact forces me to write about our morals or should I say a lack of it. In olden days a tragedy in one house was a tragedy in every household.But the modern generations believes in just the opposite.It was seen in the attitude of the students. Most of them came to know about the tragic accident of their collegemate and immediately there were strings of sms asking if the next day would be a holiday. They wanted to confirm whether there would be any classes the next day. And when confirmed many decided not to turn up for the condolence service. Yes there were many who wailed and grieved for their friend and even went to console the family members, but what about the students who boarded the bus and midway when came to know about the tragedy got off the bus. What about those who whispered 'kya yaar' and 'uff' 'faltu college aaye' when asked to stand for two minutes of silence.

Where is our empathy? Why are we becoming so insensitive to others feelings?

I sometimes feel we are not imparting anything to our students. I feel ashamed to see such attitude of my students.We are just making them literates not humans with values.Tried to discuss it with different people and maximum of them said that 'Aaj kal ki generation hi aisi hai'(the present generation is like this). I would like to ask why. Where are we lacking as gurus. Why is it that we feel only when we or our near and dear one suffers.

I feel clueless...


  1. It was really very sad to know the demise of the boy at a very young age and it's even more hurting when the people of his age group rather giving their condolences, were talking abt the next day holiday. Even I too heard boys(not to name them) saying that "KAL CHUTTI HAI KYA?" and that was both shocking and sad. I realised that that were not only the teachers but the family of those students who are financially advanced but socially and morally backward.

  2. the sole responsibility for the morals of pupils is not on teachers but also on the parents and the family. The article defines the modern trend of individual selfish thinking and at the same moment is encouraging too. I LIKE IT.

  3. Nice post, hopefully your reaction will spring a few minds into action.

    In my opinion, the root cause for such inhuman response lies in lack of values. How much we respect vertical and living people is an open secret but it is sad that even those who are horizontal do not earn a minute of prayer from our busy schedules.
    Who should be blamed? Sahir once wrote

    "हम ग़म-ज़दा हैं लाएँ कहाँ से ख़ुशी के गीत
    देंगे वही जो पाएँगे इस ज़िन्दगी से हम"

    This in English means “what we get from life, we will return the same to world”. If, you look around, you will notice that everyone is running for success without realizing that there is more to life than success and more to success than money. Gibran said “Give your children the roots when they are young and when they grow old give them wings. These days it is other way round.

    Our parenting, our schooling and our zest for literacy has somehow failed in making individuals who can think rationally. Amongst the crowds of either e-literate or illiterates, I fail to find a mind that is capable of thinking objectively .Individuality and sense of value has been contaminated by leitmotif of words that we teach on name of education. There truly is very little use of any knowledge that robs us of sensitivity.

    Lastly welcome to beautiful world of blogging. As in life, do not expect anything from so called friends who may not have five minutes to review what you passionately write after hours of effort. When we ask some person for a review a post we trust that person’s intellect to understand the thought and give us another viewpoint ,but unfortunately people see it as effort to impress and then our poor sense of judgment mocks us in the face. It is sad that care portrayed in words is not reflected in deeds. The purpose of blogging and writing on communities is best described in one of my all time favorite Lata song …….Khud dil se dil ki baat kahi ,aur ro liye……
    Good luck , keep sharing, I promise , you will have always have at least one reader besides you

  4. I Have tried to address this issue in greater detail in my blog , see if you can anything .